Photo courtesy: Artie Bent and William Lesko

Photo courtesy: Artie Bent and William Lesko

To collaborate on writing projects–feature articles, web content, editing or proof reading, drop me a line at 

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Building a Way Out of Homelessness

Charity Waits in the Weeds

Musical Gifts Keep Giving

‘Homeless’ Exhibit Promotes Understanding

Lesson and Teachings from a Lifetime of Coaching


Health Smart Epiphany!: A Simple Evidence-Based Approach to Prevent the Top-10 Killer Diseases from Cheating You Out of Your Best Years by Jacques V. Souadjian, Sr., M.D.

The Honest Truth of What It Takes to Succeed in the Pet Industry by Dan Barton

Wheelchair Training: A Complete Strength and Conditioning Guide for Men and Women with Spinal Cord Injuries by Steve Ramsbottom with Scott Hays

The Dangers of Workers’ Compensation for Uninsured Employers by Zachary Sacks, J.D. – Coming Soon!

Public Relations

World Hunger Bowl, 2011-2014; Laguna Beach, CA.




6 thoughts on “Projects

  1. Cate

    Hello Judy, Thanks for liking my Paris blog…not really much blogging more photos. I saw you had written an article on homelessness. I work on a homeless health outreach team on the Gold Coast in Australia. The Gold Coast is known for its beautiful beaches and millionaires, mansions and yachts; yet we have a high rate of LSE and homelessness people here.

    1. Judy Lesko Post author

      Bon jour Cate, Thank you for stopping by and highlighting the international level of poverty that we sometime forget in our self-absorption. Australia’s Gold Coast sounds very much like coastal Orange County. As for photos, I’ve been posting more of these myself and hope to return to more writing in 2014. Best, Judy

  2. Tish Farrell

    Your pieces on homelessness are so-ooo important. To have a safe place to call home is a basic human right. Yet so many in the world, developed or undeveloped, do not have homes. It’s also too easy for those of us who take our own homes for granted to forget this.

    1. Judy Lesko Post author

      Yes, so many people are deprived of decent housing and other basic human rights: fresh water, food, medical care, etc.
      Thank you for so much for reading my articles. Have a wonderful weekend! Best, Judy : )


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