About Judy

Chicago Lakefront at sunrise

Chicago Lakefront at sunrise (Photo credit: text_pat_color)

A born and bred Chicagoan, Judy relocated with her family to Southern California in the summer of 2001, because Midwest winters became too hot and sunny.  She still misses The Windy City, the Cubs, real deep-dish pizza, and Vienna hot dogs with everything on them, including celery salt and unnaturally, bright green relish.

A Leo and an only child,  Judy finds that she’s most happy when writing about herself. She loves museums, seasonal-espresso beverages, British sitcoms and walks in the rain, which sadly, does not fall as often in Orange County.

Judy  does not, however, enjoy moonlit walks on the beach because it’s dark, and that makes the sand feel colder and squishier, and you might step on broken seashells with your bare feet and accidentally cut them, or get tangled up in kelp and other scary ocean stuff, especially if you experience night-vision issues, like one or more people who allegedly blog on WordPress. . . Sometimes, Judy write-whines in the form of run-on sentences and refers to herself in the third-person.


Seashells (Photo credit: lutmans)

If you’re inexplicably compelled to continue perusing this page, Judy wishes to thank you, because this means that you’ve graced her, unwittingly, with an Eckhart Tolle moment, the kind where she just enjoys someone reading her blog.  Wait, that’s not an Eckhart Tolle moment. Eckhart Tolle moments are primarily about being in the NOW. Because time is an illusion. But then, wouldn’t that make NOW an illusion?



157 thoughts on “About Judy

  1. Kyryll

    Hey Judy,

    John Hancock Observatory (ex jhochicago.com) had recently moved their domain to 360chicago.com. I am informed that there are links between your site and jhochicago.com and kindly ask you to adjust these links to point towards the new domain.

    Looking forward to your response.

    1. Judy Lesko Post author

      Hey Kryll,

      Just posted your comment and readers can find the new link for John Hancock Observatory here: 360chicago.com. Tried to find the article connection but not showing up in post search : ( If anyone happens upon it, please contact me.
      Thank you so much for the update and have a great summer!

    1. Judy Lesko Post author

      Hi Ann, My pleasure to stop by the Annex and your blog. My husband is a big fan of Philly. He traveled there a lot for work and we want to visit along with a trip to DC. Sort of a history lesson for our son, too.Will look you up when we get to your neck of the woods. All the best, Judy : )

  2. suespix

    Hi Judy! thank you for liking my post 🙂 … had a look at your blog and i like it too – specially the photos/captions. Happy 2014, Sue

    1. Judy Lesko Post author

      Hi Ajay,
      Thank you for your concern, Ajay. I substitute teach and this last quarter has been quite busy, along with my family life. Planning to write more again in 2014, unless I get lost in my novel! In the meantime, I’ll enjoy reading the great posts from you and our fellow WordPress bloggers : )

      1. Ajaytao2010

        Oh thank you so much dear Judy

        best wishes for you dear in the new year

        please post some pictures atleast

  3. Gayle Alstrom

    Although we are maybe 30-40 years different in age, we seem to have lots in common. I love British sitcoms, As a child, moved to L.A. from Kansas, I lived once in Laguna Beach and Rodondo Beach. I love Laguna Beach and would like to live there again some day. Although I have lived in New York for 30 years, I still miss Southern California occasionally. I used to like writing about myself so much that I wrote a novel about my childhood in L.A., but not so much any more. I enjoy your blog.

    1. Judy Lesko Post author

      Probably not as many years as that, I’m 52. I do enjoy visiting your site as well and agree with you on many points. Lately, I find myself favoring Northern CA especially the Redwood Coast, although I’d move just as happily to NYC if I could. Thank you so much for stopping by and have a great weekend, Gayle! : )

  4. Patti Ross

    Great site to get lost in, relishing the moment! Your visit to my blog led me back to you–thanks for that too. I was born in Chicago but moved to California when I was only five–well, my family moved, not just me on my own. I love learning, photography, enjoying the moment, and all things nature.

    1. Judy Lesko Post author

      Hello Patti,
      So nice to meet you ; ) I’m enjoying the great articles and photos on your blog home. Will be driving by again for more. Thank you and have a good week!


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