Always My Brother

Found, a cherished poem written by my daughter at age 12 (she’s 26 now)–upon the birth of her brother (he’s now a teenager). Reading it again reminded me to be grateful for all the stars that grace our life, ever more so during this season of light:

Estrella Polar / North Star

Estrella Polar / North Star (Photo credit: Carlos Solana Contreras)

Always My Brother

by Lauren Lesko Zane

You are small

You are young

You are so innocent

You are my brother

I see your face

A little nose

Your eyes squeezed shut

My little brother

My heart glows

A little boy

A dream come true

My baby brother

I feel your cheek

I touch your hand

As you sleep

My Sweet Brother

I am ecstatic

A little star

I love you always

You are my brother


36 thoughts on “Always My Brother

  1. burgessellis

    Love this, thank you for sharing. Have just shared it on my facebook page in hopes my estranged brother may read it. Thank you also for visiting my blog

  2. lillymilly007

    So sweet, so cute 🙂 … this is to cherish forever! I hope you have it printed in a photobook or even over a photo of them… If not it will make a great gift for both!

  3. Marie Chrzanowski

    Judy, I was impressed by Lauren’s poem. I know that she is a special person and I’m proud to say that she’s my granddaughter. I only hope that the Lord will allow me more time to explore her specialness.

    Nicky is pretty special, too. I was so pleased to see how well he carried himself at the wedding and the pre-wedding functions.

    Will write more another time.



    1. Judy Lesko Post author

      Dearest MMGG,

      Thank you so much. Will share this with Lauren and Nick. We’re all looking forward to your visit in 2014! Talk to you soon.

      Love always,


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