Saturday Poem: Emma Was Here

Spoiler alert: partly inspired by One Day, a novel by David Nicholls. The 2011 movie featured Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess.

one day

one day (Photo credit: buckshot.jones)

Emma Was Here

by Judy Lesko

Late sunlight fades to nothingness

as fatted raindrops pour

in puddles on grey cobblestones,

while deep within a pool of souls

she met with time’s unruliness.

Random wheels of a bicycle

spun stories of light and sound

so frenetic once, now halted.

Memories fly in present time,

fall aimless to disintegrate.

A crash of dark oblivion

draws close to circle severed lines

within a fallow field of dreams

of would and could and should.

Apocalyptic proof she’d sought

of faith in some hereafter.

But stopped to make a final toast:

to the life and love she’d never know

to restless photos faded near

the scribbled poems on scraps of paper,

pages after page of endless stories . . .

Up-started, stopped

re-found, then lost

now forever on hiatus.

Unfinished anonymity

left to languish in a drawer.


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