Shout Out for Nick Carter!

We volunteers for World Hunger Bowl in Laguna Beach are sooo excited.

Our chair, Faye Chapman just received a hunger bowl donation, hand-painted by Nick Carter (Back Street Boys).

This year’s event will benefit the Collaborative Courts Foundation’s homeless outreach program.  The court breaks the cycle of citations, infractions and incarceration that make these non-violent individuals ineligible for the help they need.

Participants receive credits for taking the steps necessary to becoming productive members of society. More than 900 youth, women, and men have successfully completed the program and started new lives.

Thank you so much, Nick, for choosing to make a difference. We want it that way!

Donate or bid on Nick’s Hunger Bowl HERE.

World Hunger Bowl takes place on November 6 from 5:30 to 9:00 p.m. at Mozambique restaurant in Laguna Beach, California, and includes a benefit dinner of five soups, fixings, dessert and a ceramic bowl to take home.

Purchase tickets for $45 per person at

Hmmm . . . I kinda miss those white suits. Let’s spin one of Nick’s classic songs with The Back Street Boys:


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