Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual Point of View


Returning down five stories for an easier jaunt to our Keeper’s Apartment.


I spy a Lighthouse.


Point Arena Light Station –  Mendocino County, California


“The Closest Point of the Continental U.S. to the Hawaiian Islands”

Point Arena Light Station is a non-profit organization and proceeds help preserve this historic landmark and keep it open to the public. Find out how you can stay as an overnight guest HERE.

A description from the Light Station Journal by Linda Bell, Point Arena executive director about “living” at Point Arena:

“To experience the Keeper’s Houses is to experience a sense of being very alone in a remote environment, and nostalgia for the few who ever lived there to maintain the lighthouse fire, or lens, or beacon as an aid to marine navigation. It is an adventure to stay there.”

“What we hope to keep is the experience of staying on that exposed point, where it is spectacular and isolated and raw; to experience spectacular sunrises, as well as sunsets, and all the ways that the seascape changes with the tides and light.”

“It is an experience that offers a genuine sense of what it must have been like to be a light keeper and be resigned to living in a very harsh, inhospitable environment with incredible personal rewards.”

But, don’t be too worried about “roughing it” today. Lodging at Point Arena is quite hospitable and includes free WiFi, cable, fully-appointed cottage kitchens,Tempurpedic mattresses, wood-burning fireplaces/gas stoves, books, magazines, and lots of hot water for showers, although you can’t get a cell phone signal (texting works, though).

Guests can partake of as many or few of the amenities as they chose. We enjoyed our complimentary lighthouse tour and never turned on the TV. After driving North a bit along the Redwood Coast, it was exhilarating to return “home” to find the day visitors had gone, and to cook a simple dinner together in “our” kitchen.  At night, we walked along windblown cliffs listening to the waves and the harbor seals barking below us.

The Zen-like peace and solitude of our weekend remains with me, despite the return to civilization.

Photo credit: William and Judy Lesko

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