Macro Monday: 8.26.13





Having fun here with Lesson No. Three on advanced-level spheres from Mark Kistler‘s “You can Draw in 30 Days”.  His book rocks it for beginning artists!

Kistler, an art-instruction host on PBS recommends using your sketchbook as a journal: “Feel free to write notes, quotes and anecdotes. The more you personalize it, the more you will value it, and the more you will use it. My sketchbook is the first place I look when I need to remember something I was supposed to do.”

His sketch book includes to-do lists, journal entries, grocery lists, airline times, and other non-drawing items.

Beside the date and time of sketching, I scribble things such as what music I’m listening to/what TV show I’m watching, who came to visit that day or random ideas for writing. My sketch pad is 9 x 12, so there’s plenty of room to draw and dream.

I can hardly wait to reach Lesson 30!


10 thoughts on “Macro Monday: 8.26.13

  1. TinCanTraveler

    I have been longing to learn how to draw but couldn’t find the right book. All so technical and rigid. This one looks fun and creative as it should be. Love your drawing, Judy! Thank you for the advice! Annie

    1. Judy Lesko Post author

      Thanks, Annie. I felt the same way for years, except thought I’d need to take a class. Like this option much better–no stress, inexpensive and easy to work into a life schedule.
      Good luck with your art! Judy : )

  2. Anita C. Miller

    Are you sure you are only a beginner? This is quite good and funny! In art school (30 years ago) I had a wonderful drawing teacher who told us the same thing — make your sketch book a journal. I still treasure that book to this day!! Hope you continue to have fun : )

    1. Judy Lesko Post author

      Sooo newbie, Anita. I wish I took art class in high school or college for the pleasure of it.This drawing is my imitation of Kistler’s “Urban Olive Condo Complex”. Maybe I should post my drawing of tennis balls that ended up like brioche : ) Thank you for commenting, I’m gonna visit your blog again for beautiful art.


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