Wild Hawaiian: Henry Kapono in Concert


Henry Kapono

First off, let’s be clear that this post is not written in the independent journalistic style that my blog followers are accustomed to (Kidding!), but instead as a newbie, die-hard fan of the legendary Hawaiian singer-songwriter, Henry Kapono and his epic band.

(See what I mean, that first sentence would never fly in a newspaper article.)

Here’s a thumbnail sketch of Henry: A Grammy-nominated performer, actor, and award-wining children’s author, Henry once played football well enough to have  turned pro. And he’s a full-blooded Hawaiian. Interestingly, he doesn’t read music.

Woo!!! Woo!!! Woo-hoo!!! Ow! Ow! Yeah!

That was pretty much all I said for the duration of Henry’s concert at The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, CA. He was THAT good. Yes, freelancers can be audio-only groupies, too.

It was my first time at The Coach House ever. And my first time to see Henry Kapono perform ever.

Right now, I’m busy getting ready to see Kapono in concert AGAIN at Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach tonight. The show starts at 7:00, Pacific time. Info on tonight’s show and other concerts  follow at the end of this post, if you want to go.

Check out the FaceBook video of the band conducting their sound check: HERE

Pix of Henry and the Boys and Bella, their beautiful Hula dancer in concert at The Coach House:

0-DSC01582a 2-DSC01590 3-DSC01601 4-DSC01619 DSC01661aWhen Henry signed my T-shirt, I told him it was hard not to start dancing on the table.

“You should’ve,” he said. “You would’ve started something.”

Guess I’ll be looking for a table tonight. . . .

7/21 at Saint Rocke 142 N. Pacific Coast Highway Hermosa Beach, CA 310-372-0035

Next up:

7/23 Belly Up 143 S Cedros Avenue Solana Beach, CA

7/25: SOhO Restaurant & Music Club 1221 State St # 205 Santa Barbara, CA

7/28: Yoshi’s San Francisco 1330 Fillmore St. San Francisco, CA 415-655-5600

Photos courtesy of William Lesko

Read more about Henry Kapono on his website HERE


13 thoughts on “Wild Hawaiian: Henry Kapono in Concert

  1. fayechapman

    I had the pleasure of photographing Henry a couple summers ago in Hawaii and again on Saturday. He was the guest on Laguna’s Radio Friendship Show 93.5. He is such a gentle soul and I love his music.


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