Travel Theme: Flow

At the Huntington Library in San Marino, this Japanese Garden overflows with nine acres of Southern California chillax-ment.

Cross the moon bridge beyond the bamboo curtain to begin your tranquil journey.


Moon Bridge

Happy Koi mingle in the pond.


A mini-forest of Bonsai “towers”.


The bamboo tube of the shishi-odoshi “scare a deer” strikes the stone to make noise.


Enter Seifu An “the arbor of the pure breeze”, an authentic tea house built in Kyoto, Japan circa 1960.

From Kyoto



Stairs lead you to the Zen garden for a final moment of contemplation.


Zen Garden

Domo arigato : )

Photos courtesy of Judy Lesko.

Follow the flow to more pics, or share your own at Where’s my back pack? by Ailsa.

Visit the Huntington Library website HERE to learn more about their other botanic gardens, library and  art collections.


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