Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Signs

Photo courtesy of Lizett Bond

Photo courtesy of Lizett Bond

Many thanks to my friend, Lizzie for sharing this en route to reporting on the American Le Mans series race in Laguna Seca. Liz shot the signs in Parkfield, a scenic town with a population of 18 that sits smack along the San Andreas Fault in Monterey County, California. If driving there, you can follow the orange sign to their 15th Annual Bluegrass Festival featuring The Roland White Band from Nashville, Tennessee : )

Sign on for more photo interpretations of Cee’s Which Way series HERE

Happy Mother’s Day weekend to all the mom bloggers and visitors!


16 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Signs

  1. Tina Schell

    Just noticed your header “blogging from the bubble”. Where I live we call our little island “the bubble” because for the most part we are undisturbed by any of the world’s problems. often times there is rain all around us but it misses us somehow. just curious about what you mean by your bubble.?

    1. Judy Lesko Post author

      Hey Tina, I guess everyone somewhere calls where they live “the bubble”. For me, it’s because our city although ethnically diverse is touted as one of America’s safest, most kid-friendly cities. But it’s also very homogeneous in middle/upper class suburban values. Not a bad thing, just more controlled and predictable overall than some other places in the U.S. Thank you for asking! : )

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