Weekly Photo Challenge: Change


In her fantasy novel, Sweet Far Thing, Libba Bray writes “And that is how change happens.  One gesture. One person.  One moment at a time.”

Sometimes incremental change can be created one coin at time. At least that’s how it happened in Laguna Beach, California when social activist Faye Chapman instituted the Meters for Change program.

In 2009, several local artists were commissioned to hand paint parking meters for the collection of spare change in downtown Laguna. Since gracing the streets with their colorful social conscience, these meters for change have reduced panhandling and raised more than $8,000 to support city programs for the homeless, including an alternative sleeping center.

Sometimes reality proves even better than fantasy.





Join the photo challenge for change HERE

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25 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

    1. Judy Lesko Post author

      Yes, the meters are creative and effective. I enjoyed visiting your blog and checking out your cool photos, very nice! Thank you for stopping by and for your comment : )

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  2. nomadicchique

    What a brilliant idea!! And so simple and available to everyone! Fabulous submission for ‘Change”.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and liking my ‘UP’. I loved your photo of the helicopter with UP painted on the side…perfect!

    1. Judy Lesko Post author

      Yes, Faye Chapman generates a lot of great fund-raising ideas to fight homelessness. And, your UP photos at the observatory are stunning!
      I enjoyed visiting your blog and will be back again soon : ) Thank you!

    1. Judy Lesko Post author

      Meter change brought some additional funding, but more money is needed to provide regular, ongoing support for the homeless, especially in the daytime.
      Shelter services are also funded by the city and through community fund-raisers.

  3. Brad (Griff)

    That’s an excellent concept, and they are very cool images Judy. We have lighting (traffic light) control boxes in our capital city that have been painted by artists. They are all over the city, wherever there are traffic lights. I’d love to see this parking meter idea implemented as well. Lots of colour/or 🙂


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