Travel Theme: Benches

Snuggled midpoint between LA and San Diego, the oh-so-groovy city of Laguna Beach serves up postcard-perfect sunsets along with the free-thinking vibe of its resident artists. Come walk with me along the cliffs of Heisler Park’s Ecological Reserve, where public sculpture invites us to sit for a moment and linger by the sea. And while we relax on artist-designated benches, remember to “dream loud, so the ocean can hear you.”


“Support” by Louis Longi.


“Rock Pile Carve” by surfer George Stone.


“Continuous Rotation” by Scott and Naomi Schoenherr.

For more bench sharing, stroll to Where’s My Backpack?

Have an amazing day and thank you for visiting with me!


16 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Benches

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    1. Judy Lesko Post author

      This first bench titled “Support” was created by sculptor Louis Longi in 1999 to honor Laguna Beach’s ongoing support of the visual and performing arts.

    1. Judy Lesko Post author

      Yes, definitely make Laguna Beach part of your travel plans. You’d love it, I think, and not just for the benches : ) Thank you so much for stopping by. The photos on your blog are terrific!


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