Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Rainbow Colors

My worry dolls chill at their beach house when I’m not seeking their help. In the day, they hang their colorful rainbow-striped blankets to dry in the sun. Notice how the blankets match their rainbow-striped clothes. At night, I tell a worry doll my concern and put her under my pillow. By morning she’ll have taken the worry away. This works, I found, at least for one day.


I should come clean and say that I really only bother one doll–the doll on the far right, wearing the scarf with the blue stripe. She’s actually a “Mom” worry doll. See how she’s telling her kids what to do as they try to ignore her. Her husband’s at work. I think he comes home when everyone’s asleep, so he can watch The IT Crowd reruns in peace.


My dolls are originally from Guatemala; I hope they don’t mind living in a beach house that’s situated in the middle of a suburb.But I did meet my worry family at UCLA’s Fowler Museum, so I guess they’d already grown accustomed to city living. FYI, exhibits at the Fowler Museum focus on global arts and cultures with “an emphasis on works from Africa, Asia, the Pacific, and the Americas—past and present.”



Handmade in Thailand, my owl sports a vibrant rainbow of patchwork feathers. He flew home with me from the Mingei International Museum in Balboa Park, San Diego. The Mingei features folk art, craft and design from all cultures. My owl likes to explore other museums, and particularly enjoyed the visiting Gustav Klimt line-drawing exhibit at The Getty Center last Fall.

He also enjoys movies. Yesterday, he wanted to see the Life of Pi in 3-D, and accompanied us for Chicken Tikka Masala at our favorite Indian restaurant, Anapoorna. However, he was disappointed that they didn’t serve mice as an entree.

Find more rainbows at Cee’s blog: http://www.ceephotography.com/2013/02/26/cees-fun-foto-challenge-rainbow-colors-must-have-at-least-4-strong-colors/


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