Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

BouquetSometimes, I get lost in the details on my dresser. I know, deep thoughts, right? Yes! You can be a girly-girl sometimes and still hike Yosemite National Park after dark.

Pictured is a bottle of Le Bouquet Absolu, a Valentine’s Day gift from my spouse. He purchased the fragrance in a little shop called Madamoiselle Antoinette’s Parfumerie at New Orleans Square in Disneyland. If you wish, an artist will hand paint the design of your choice on your bottle at no extra charge.

I chose a butterfly and cherry blossom motif, because I like cherry blossoms, and butterflies symbolize transformation. Within the delicate strokes of pink, green, white, brown, gold and black, the artist also embedded small rhinestones for texture and visual interest. Below is a pic of the bottle before creative personalization.

BoxSome details for fragrance buffs to get lost in:

Le Bouquet Absolu by Givenchy is chock-full of floral and fruity notes, such as wild berries, bergamot, jasmine, neroli, vanilla orchid and rose, combined with playful hints of musk, ambergris and juniper.

Its gardeny fragrance uplifts me when I feel stressed. This limited edition scent can also be found outside of Mickey’s Magic Kingdom via online perfume retailers–but you might have to paint your own bottle.


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