Travel Theme: Bridges

Gapstow Bridge

Photo courtesy of Judy Lesko

In October of  2008, my then seven-year-old son and I accompanied my husband on a business trip to Manhattan. We occupied ourselves by exploring the city, with many hours spent joyfully exploring Central Park. This is a photo of Gapstow Bridge, surrounded by trees just before their leaves peaked with autumn colors.

Here’s some history on this stone bridge from the official Central Park website:

“Curving gracefully over the narrow neck of the Pond at 59th Street, Gapstow is one of the iconic bridges of Central Park. Design aficionados might notice a striking resemblance to the Ponte di San Francesco in San Remo, Italy.

The bridge offers postcard views of the surrounding cityscape. Facing south, you can see the famed Plaza Hotel and distinctive New York skyscrapers rising from above the Park’s trees. Look southward in the winter and you’ll see Wollman Rink’s twirling skaters; in the warmer months you’ll see the colorful amusements of Victorian Gardens.

Originally designed by Jacob Wrey Mould in 1874, the then-wooden bridge with cast-iron railings suffered great  wear over 20 years. It was replaced with the current stone structure in 1896, designed by Howard & Caudwell. Built of Manhattan schist, Gapstow stand 12 feet high, spans 44 feet of water, and stretches 76 feet in its full length.”

And, of course, the link to Ailsa’s blog “Where’s my backpack?” to share in the bridge theme  fun:

Just one more thing, I can’t resist adding the 1969 classic, Bridge Over Troubled Water as performed by Art Garfunkel in Central Park. Happy Friday!


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