Flash Fiction: Starry Night in the Universe


Saturday (Photo credit: Brother O’Mara)

Spent Saturday morning writing my 250-word entry for the String-of-10 FIVE Flash Fiction Chronicles contest for a midnight deadline. Flash fiction is widely known as being fiction of great brevity. In this case, the story limit capped out at 250 words.

The 10 randomly-selected prompt words to merge in the story were:


At least four words of the words had to be used.Contestants also had the option to include this quote by Steve Jobs: “I want to put a ding in the universe.” 

There’s a new String-of-10 contest scheduled to start this week and other contest sites on their blog page seeking submissions. Here’s the link for Flash Fiction Chronicles: http://www.everydayfiction.com/flashfictionblog.

And here’s my story below. It ain’t literary fiction, but ’twas a fun write for a weekend. And I had a bagel with lox for breakfast yesterday, not doughnuts.

Starry Night in the Universe

He gazed with reverence at his star, the true light of evening. The star spoke to him alone and told him everything he needed to know. Tonight he’d put a ding in the universe. He’d put a bullet through her brain and then one in his own.

Without warning, he grabbed her hair, pulled her head backward, and inhaled deeply at the base of her throat. He relished the flash of defiance in her eyes as she resisted this intimacy. Underneath the mud mingled with her dried blood, she still smelt of rose absolute perfume.

He caressed the gun next to him, remembering all the women he’d hunted in search of the perfect quarry, before he found her.  He looked at her again. This time her eyes were closed. A single tear ran down her cheek. She looked as if she were praying.

”Damn,” he said, the trace of a Southern accent lingering in his voice, “you are so beautiful.” He laughed then, softly. He prided himself on making an entrance. Now he would take a bow and make the perfect exit. He closed his eyes and began to pray, too.

Barking dogs broke the forest’s silence. So close, yet they were still minutes away. He reached for his gun again. It was gone.

She stood over him and pressed the revolver to his throat. “You are so beautiful,” she said gravely.

The shot echoed through the trees, rising toward the sky where his favorite star shone brightly.



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