California Manhunt

SWAT Truck

SWAT Truck (Photo credit: Just Us 3)

As I write this post, local TV stations are covering breaking news on a California manhunt. Early this morning, two police officers were shot and another officer killed in Riverside County. In Irvine, a young engaged couple was murdered on Sunday.

The known suspect in these shootings, Christopher Dorner, is a former police officer and Navy veteran, apparently seeking retribution for being fired from his job after reporting incidents of police brutality. He has circulated a “manifesto”  naming Los Angeles Police Department officers and their families as targets.

At this moment,  just down a few buildings down from where we live, a SWAT truck and police car are stationed in our complex.  I’m guessing they’re here as a precaution, to provide protection for a potential manifesto target of the shooter. Otherwise, there’d probably be more officers and more vehicles. In the city of Torrance, two people were reportedly shot by police because their car matched the description of the suspect’s vehicle.

Some people in our complex seem unaware of their presence, most likely by law enforcement design, so as not to cause panic. I see a woman push her baby in a stroller and a couple jog on the sidewalk. Young children ride their scooters. Cars pass freely in and out of our community gates. Contractors shampoo carpets and gardeners garden. I’m out walking my dog who has a small bladder (again and again).

There is nothing to do but wait, and to go about the routine of everyday life, though I’ll probably skip my 5-mile walk on the trail for exercise today. There’s a reason for the SWAT team bearing long-range rifles.

Instead, I’ll do laundry and dishes and pay bills and other sundry household chores. Wait until it’s time to pick up my son from school. Wait until my daughter and husband return home from their jobs. Maybe I’ll write some flash fiction to pass the time because that seems less surreal than reality today.

Instead of grocery shopping, I’ll serve leftovers for dinner. Yesterday, was my mother’s 92nd birthday so we ordered plenty of Chinese takeout: honey walnut shrimp, orange chicken, noodles, fried rice, the works. She was happy celebrating last night. This morning she watched the news and reminded me “to be careful and lock all the doors and windows because a criminal was on the loose.” I didn’t tell her about the SWAT team nearby.


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