The Rag Mag: Call for Open Submissions

A study of F. Scott Fitzgerald by Gordon Bryan...

A study of F. Scott Fitzgerald by Gordon Bryant. Published in Shadowland magazine in 1921. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the Collins English Dictionary the noun “rag”  has these definitions: a small piece of cloth, such as one torn from a discarded garment, or such pieces of cloth collectively; a fragmentary piece of any material; a scrap; a shred or a newspaper or other journal, esp one considered as worthless, sensational, etc.

The Rag, as I discovered through a recent Craigslist inquiry, also happens to be the name of a newer, online-literary magazine that’s currently accepting fiction and poetry submissions for their Spring/Summer 2013 issue.The following information is a synopsis from The Rag’s website.

Founders and editors Seth Porter and Dan Reilly explain, “The name, The Rag, came about both because it speaks to our underlying ethic–we’re independent, and we like our writing on the gritty and grimy side–and because it looks back to the heyday of writing and publishing, when you could read good stories or poetry in just about any old rag, and writers like F. Scott Fitzgerald were able to make a living from writing short stories alone.”

“But the rags that used to publish cutting-edge writing either died off or grew up and turned stale. At The Rag, we hope to be on the front line of a new vanguard of electronic literary magazines with the means and the will to seek out and then support fresh voices.”

The Rag’s submission deadline is March 31, 2013. NO cover letters required. A reasonable fee of $8.99 includes both the submission upload and a one-year subscription. For those who prefer only a current issue and submission, the fee is $4.99. The submission-only fee is $3.00.

Short Fiction limits are 10,000 words per story and one story per submission. Current payment rate is $200-300 per story. Poetry and Flash Fiction (under 1500 words) are limited to 5 pieces per submission or a 2,000 word total limit. Payment rate is $50-75 per piece.

For more information and to download a free issue, visit

Good luck and happy writing to all!


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